– A Phone That Takes All Forms

Modumobile.comWould you like the ability to give your phone a facelift every now and then so that it can accompany your current style? Or perhaps you’d like to slip your phone into your digital camera and instantly share photos with the people in your contact list? Sound far-fetched? It isn’t. Modu just received $100 million in venture funding to get their chameleon-like product to market.

Modu is a small sleek little phone that you can completely alter by buying new “jackets” for it. Perhaps you’d like a different looking phone for business that for jogging and Modu makes that simple. Modu can also be inserted into many consumer electronics devices and the possibilities seem endless. In Their Own Words

“You can switch modu jackets as often as you like according to your changing lifestyle and personal expression needs – transforming modu from a stylish phone or business tool to a workout companion or a powerful entertainment system. It’s as easy as slipping modu in and out. modu mates let the revolution of a connected world to enter your everyday life. modu strives to become the standard communications and personalization enabler to any consumer electronics device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are starting to get tired of the environmental implications of changing their phone every year. Modu appears to offer the ideal solution by enabling you to alter the appearance of your phone as much as you like. Also, by integrating with other consumer devices, Modu looks to become the engine behind an array of new applications.

Some Questions About

How much will it cost for a Modu? How much will each jacket cost? It would appear that the ultimate success of the company will be based on their ability to scale to the degree where Modu becomes affordable.