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ModShop.netThe ModShop is a social network/mod-flexing community launched by Maximum PC, a community for PC hardware hackers and modders. At the ModShop members can showoff their projects and participate in numerous contests.


These contests are set up as battles where in one rig is pitched against another; the one with the most votes wins. The total monthly prize pool adds up to a cool $2,000. Users can post their projects with full detail included—text, pictures, links. The ultimate goal is a magazine like repository of personal project chronicles where readers discuss their work and progress providing ample detail. Thus the site ideally would become a focal point for creativity, innovation and exploration. ModShop still has a long way to go before this happens, but it’s got some interesting content nonetheless. In Their Own Words

“The Mod Shop is the ultimate community resource for PC hardware hackers of all experience levels, and home to our monthly hardware deathmatch, where you can pit your best rig against all comers in gladiator-style battle to win a share of our $2000 monthly prize pool! Are you ready to join the battle?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is interesting in theory. It could become a hub for mod innovation where people showoff and feed off each others’ ideas. The contests are a nice incentive as there’s a handsome sum available each month.

Some Questions About

There’s little on this site that bespeaks innovation. Where are the collaboration tools? How can you share your thoughts, projects, etc? Seems more like an ad for the founding site Maximum PC.

Author : Siri Marshall

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