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Find Stylish Modest Clothing On ModLi

Women who choose to dress modestly, whether for religious reasons or just because that’s what they prefer, can find it hard to track down outfits that are both body-covering and still cute. Most clothing in mainstream stores may be off limits for them, which means a lot of time searching and picking through stores until they find something that’s suitable.


One website, ModLi, is aiming to make the shopping process fun and easy for those women.


ModLi is “the only modest fashion online marketplace.” They handpick their designers to ensure that the looks on their site are not only appropriate for women who aren’t into showing a lot of skin but also still fashionable and cute. They offer dresses, tops, skirts, swimwear, headcoverings, maternity, and accessories.


Now, before you go assuming that “modest” means “dowdy,” take a look at some of these very cute dresses that tend toward the bombshell look of the ‘50s or the loose, bohemian looks of the ‘60s and ‘70s, while still covering up busts, upper arms, and thighs. This dress, for example, is a classic that would look great on any woman, whether or not she preferred to dress modestly.


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.56.48 AM


Even some the dresses that are clearly designed for more traditional communities have some funky touches and very fashionable styling. This one, for example, spices things up with a colorful parrot print and the model is styled with loose, bohemian hair.


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.50.27 AM


One area that women who dress modestly will most definitely appreciate is the bathing suit section. Bathing suits are obviously usually the opposite of modest, and even women who wouldn’t necessarily find themselves specifically shopping for modest clothing have trouble with the revealing styles that are offered these days. Women who can’t wear those for religious reasons especially often have to resort to wearing heavy clothing to the beach that’s totally unsuited to sand, sun, and sea.


The bathing suits on ModLi, however, offer everything from full-arm coverage to overskirts to swimdresses. They also offer styles that are more revealing, but still less revealing that your average suit, again in a ‘50s style. Women can filter by neckline, skirt length, sleeve length, and color to find the style and look that best suits their needs.


ModLi also offers a variety of gorgeous head coverings, ranging from turbans to scarfs to super cute hats. The variety is quite beautiful, with a range of fabrics and styles that are perfect for women who want to switch it up but still keep their hair covered.


So, ladies, no more hours spent picking through unsuitable or unattractive clothing. Head over to ModLi and start picking out the cute, modest outfits today.


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