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ModernTailor.comModern Tailor is a purveyor of custom made menswear, and that includes dress shirts, fabrics and accessories on the whole. The site has a clear navigation menu that will let you have you choice from categories such as “Suits/jackets”, “Pants” and “Shirts”, whereas a “Showcase” category is also provided for even greater browsing convenience.

As it is often the case with online retailers, there is a section in which bargains and items that can be procured at discounted prices are listed. You can access it by following the link that reads “Weekly Specials” on the main navigation menu. And if you are interested in saving even more, look at the “Promotions” box – deals along the lines of “Buy 2 shirts and get a free pure silk tie” are found there.

Also, you can purchase gift certificates in case you want to give a loved one an elegant gift but don’t know exactly which item of the ones on offer here would work out best. You can choose the denomination from $ 50 to $ 500, and redeeming these certificates is very simple. In Their Own Words

“The World’s Largest Supplier of Custom Tailored Dress Shirts, Fabrics & Accessories”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a very comprehensive range of items on offer, and the quality is excellent.

Some Questions About

Does the company ship worldwide?