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MoDazzle.comAs everything seems to be growing legs and getting mobile to please our increasingly busy on the run lifestyles, we now have Modazzle which offers one way to mobilize our social networks. Specifically, the app works with Facebook, Salesforce, Ryze, and Linked in.


It doesn’t end there however. Want to know if tomorrow will be a sunny day or where the nearest Starbuck’s is? MoDazzle’s got the information you need with access to Yelp for restaurant reviews, Google Maps, ZoomInfo and Starbucks itself. Access to your networks and to daily info is accessed via SMS shortcodes and email addreses. You can look up contacts on your social networks by emailing the search request to Modazzle or sending an SMS. Modazzle also gives you range to use Facebook pokes, to check friends’ online statuses, and you can post/or read your wall. Each task for each network has its own designated short code and email address, so it may take some time to get into the groove of things. However, it’s pretty useful for those who don’t have mobile browsing options on their phone. In Their Own Words

“MoDazzle is a division of its parent company, ClairMail. ClairMail has been established by an experienced team who recognized the power and potential of mobile phones to change the landscape of customer interactions. ClairMail’s breakthrough technology allows companies to offer convenient, secure and always-on 2-way mobile services to their customers by using any mobile phone’s messaging functionality. After its phenomenal success in two-way mobile communication/information system for financial services industry at the enterprise level, MoDazzle is extending the technology platform & services directly targeting the consumer segment. MoDazzle is ClairMail’s dedicated consumer service to help millions connect to their social or professional communities through their cell phones or blackberry devices. Currently the services are available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and VentureSource community users with several free services such as locating the nearest starbucks, directions between two addresses, web search, etc. All through SMS or mobile email!!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MoDazzle brings your social networks to you anywhere you are. It’s especially apt for someone who hasn’t got mobile browsing or who hasn’t quite got the hang of mobilized websites. Everyone knows how to send emails and sms’ so there’s nothing to learn using Modazzle.

Some Questions About

Modazzle may prove to be clunky and bothersome. Having to memorize all the email addresses and SMS codes may make some want to abandon ship before they start. Also with many social sites having fairly robust mobile options, it may be easier to access each site individually. MoDazzle seems ultimately lacking innovation, rather than making things easier, it complicates them.


Author : Siri Marshall

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