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Mobyko.comDropped your cell phone in the sink again? We’ve all done something similar. Thanks to online contact-synching services like Mobyko, you don’t have to worry about losing all of your phone’s data when it dies a watery death.


Mobyko is a UK-based company that allows you to upload, manage, and synch contacts for your SyncML enabled mobile device. To get Mobyko, sign up for free and provide your phone number and service provider. Mobyko works pretty much everywhere in the world and provides lists of providers in any country you specify. You may then wirelessly synch your contacts across the Mobyko server using the PIN number they’ll send to your email, or you can update your information online via your Mobyko account and send it back to your phone. In addition to contacts, you can also use Mobyko to send text messages from your computer, store and share photos, videos, and text, and download videos, music, and art. These services charge you each time you use them, so it might be more cost effective to sign up for their premium package which includes 100 text messages and 10 downloads (a yearlong package will set you back €24.99). In Their Own Words

“Mobyko is the simple and easy way to save all your names and numbers to one safe place. So now if you lose your phone, your life doesn’t go with it! Sign up and your worries will soon be over”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mobyko is a secure way to store your contact info and synch it to your mobile device for free, and it’s available all over the world. I tested it out with a few different random countries, and everything seems to check out ok; all of the country code info is there as well as a correct list of country-specific service providers.

Some Questions About

One thing that seems missing here are contact uploads from Outlook or other contact-managing services that aren’t necessarily related to your mobile phone; does Mobyko plan on offering a service that will synch with other sources of information that you may or may not have uploaded to your phone?

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