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Mobwa.comMobwa is a global knowledge community where users can define subject matters of any kind, such as Hair Stylist, Musician, Painter or Smart Phone. Once a type has been set down, an unlimited number of examples can be added by other members of the online community.

These examples are as wide-ranging as you can imagine, as both local and global ones are accounted for. The same applies to past and future examples, whereas both obscure and world-renowned concepts are also allowed.

The objective behind this addition of topics is to capture both explicit and implicit relationships, and these can be strengthened or weakened easily as slider controls can be used in each and every case. These make for the creation and the redefinition of structures in an open analog graph to which anybody can contribute.

Since connections are “analog” instead of “digital”, the structure of the knowledge graph can scale infinitely and continuously without the need of a cumbersome (and time-demanding) administration hierarchy.

In this way, both objective and subjective information is supported. This turns Mobwa into a universal knowledge platform that covers both sides of the equation, and which does so in a way that can adapt and evolve in the most natural way of all. In Their Own Words

“Mobwa is designed to support a community of users who add knowledge, define new kinds of knowledge, and control how everything gets connected and presented. That may sound complicated, but it turns out to be simple and intuitive.

At its core, Mobwa is a platform for adding topics and the connections between them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it easy to find the relationship between different concepts and watch it as it sways over time. And since the site is 100 % powered by users, no topic will be left out or obviated – the knowledge can be as encompassing as it should be for Mobwa to be a true network of knowledge.

Some Questions About

Is the content monitored in any way? Who takes care of removing anything which is erroneous or inappropriate?