– In Pursuit Of The Best Mobile Apps

Mobspot.comMobspot is an open platform that turns the search for the best mobile apps into something more streamlined and enjoyable at the same time. The openness of this platform is felt in the sense that all smartphones are taken into consideration.

People from all over the world can resort to it in order to learn which good apps have been released.

Mobspot lets anybody know which apps his friends on Facebook have installed as of late, and whether they liked them or not. This signifies that you are receiving the advice of those you know and trust, and not the opinion of someone who you know nothing about.

Something that certainly deserves praise is that users can only review apps that they have purchased. That is verified by scanning their iTunes libraries. If they haven’t bought it, they can’t review it. This will keep these (sadly commonplace) inflated reviews that come from the actual developers somehow at bay.

The site can be joined for free, and an iPhone app is already fully functional. Support for other smartphones shouldn’t take that long. In Their Own Words

“Mobspot was founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Our mission is to provide people around the world an open platform for all mobile applications, for any device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that the ones recommending the apps are your actual friends gives it more reliability and trustworthiness.

Some Questions About

What would it take for a platform like this one to become the obligatory point of reference for people looking for mobile apps?