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Moboup.comMoboup is an online shopping directory of deals from mall vendors listed under a variety of categories. The site allows shopping malls to post upcoming events and also allows individual stores within the malls to post deals.


In order to ensure that you receive geo-pertinent information, Moboup first asks you to enter your Zip Code so that it can provide you with news and bargains from the shopping malls closest to you. The site provides a great way for small stores within large shopping malls to reach out and let people know about their current and upcoming promotions while also leaving the big guys room to participate as well. So instead of going to one shopping mall, visit Moboup and visit all of your local shopping malls at once. In Their Own Words

“US shopping mall directory with thousands of sales, coupons and shopping news.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This service could become hugely popular because of the unique way that it allows local shoppers to connect with shopping malls in their area. Shoppers will love being able check up on what is happening at their local malls without necessarily having to visit each one in person. The ability to purchase directly online is also a big plus.

Some Questions About

They do provide good Google Maps of participating malls but why not take it a step further and give each mall its own space to visually promote itself. Instead of just showing the mall’s location, the site could show a scaled-down hosted version of the mall’s website for example.

Author : Caroline Bright

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