– Mobile Camera Blogging Community named Moblog is an online blogging community that allows you take pictures and videos on your mobile phone and email them to Moblog where they are posted for you in near real-time. Giving your photos a name is simple, just write whatever you’d like in the subject of the email and any further description directly in the body of the email.

You can also tag photos if you’d like them to be more easily found when others search for them. Moblog allows you to have your own page which you can update as much as you like while you are on the go. Image sizes are limited to 516 pixels by 516 pixels but you don’t have to worry about resizing yourself as that will be automatically done for you. In Their Own Words

You take photos, shoot video or capture audio with your camera phone and then email them to us, direct from the phone, where-ever you are. The media file is then put online in your very own mobile-multi-mediablog – instantly sharing the moment, as the adverts like to say. When you upload a media file (or more than one at once), you can add a title (as the email subject) which will be displayed as the title of the post, and accompanying text as the email body.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Moblog is easy to use so people won’t have problems sending in their photos. Also, unlike many other mobile blog services, they do not claim ownership of your photos meaning that you don’t lose control of your content.

Some Questions About

Is there a way to send photos without using a wireless internet connection? Being able to send messages via MMS would certainly help to broaden the appeal of the service.