– FriendFeed via SMS

Moblf.comDo you Twitter or FriendFeed? A lot? True, twittering is addicting and hard to easily drop. Luckily, if you’ve got a mobile and Moblf, you don’t have to leave it at all.

Moblf brings Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn and Yelp among other to your mobile via the powers of SMS. Moblf (stands for mobile life), lets you check the five most recent links from FriendFeed stream as well as send messages via SMS. You can also follow Moblf through Twitter by typing “follow moblf” in the twitter box or go through gtalk or Twhirl etc—which ever is easiest. To start just enter your Twitter username and follow the instructions. The service is free as long as you mind your SMS limits. In Their Own Words

“moblf, (Mobile Life) brings Web to SMS. It is a mobile interface that enables you to interact with web services using your mobile phone, particularly SMS text messaging. It empowers you to access your favorite web services anytime, anywhere from the mobile.
moblf integrates with published APIs of web services, such as FriendFeed, Twitter, Google, Get satisfaction, Yelp, LinkedIn and many more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Moblf integrates the very popular Twitter as well as up and coming FriendFeed with your mobile. It makes getting updates possible while your on the go and you don’t have to feel cut off while not at your pc.

Some Questions About

Is Moblf the way to go? Is it really useful to those who aren’t feed addicts? Will they go beyond SMS and develop a full mobile app?