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Mobincube.comMobincube is the kind of service that reminds us of how flexible the Internet is right now, and to which degree it can take something that was previously privative to highly-skilled people and turn it into something every single one of us can handle. Because Mobincube enables just anybody to build a mobile app of his very own, without needing to know how to write a single line of code. That is possible because Mobincube favors a visual approach that turns coming up with an application into something as simple as specifying what should be located where, and what it should do when people clicks on it.

Mobincube will let you create highly-personalized apps both for iOS and Android in such a supple way. And it will let you have them published on the respective stores once they are ready, too. You are thus saved from having to handle the lengthy and tedious submission process that one has to comply with when wanting to have his app sold to the world at large. What more motivation do you need to begin putting your ideas into motion? In Their Own Words

Mobile application builder.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one speeds up the whole process in which mobile apps are created and eventually sold online.

Some Questions About

What about other operating systems? Will some be supported besides iOS and Android?