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MobileRoadie.comThe fight for the definitive mobile app creator rages on. This time, the contender is Mobile Roadie, and it comes with enough features under its belt to put up a good fight at the very least.


As it is the norm with tools like this one, you don’t need to be a programmer to get going. Creating the app entails no technical knowledge whatsoever, and you can actually commission the company to take care of the graphics for you. Besides, you can use you own background music and the files don’t even have to be hosted on iTunes in order to be employable.

In that way, you can create an app to promote your music if you are an artist, or an app to promote any event you are organizing just by getting the basic images and audio clips together.

Once the app is ready, it will be submitted to the App Store. That is, it won’t be left sitting on some corner of the Web for others to discover it accidentally one day. The one drawback of the app being submitted is that it can be rejected. Thankfully, guidelines for avoiding that from happening are provided, and in the majority of cases common sense rules – adult content is forbidden, and so is anything that could be deemed as racially offensive. It is all a matter of being reasonable.

Basic pricing includes setup and the monthly hosting, and added services such as having the company lend its thumb when it comes to graphics come at a cost. So does having the company resubmit your app to the Store. In Their Own Words

“The simple and inexpensive way for anyone to build and manage their own iPhone and Android apps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mobile apps are common currency now, and if you have anything to promote they are simply mandatory. Tools like this one make having one to go around an easy enough task for everybody.

Some Questions About

How does this service fare in terms of speed when pitched against its competitors?

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