– Your Mobile Becomes Your Wallet

MobilePayUSA.comAs the title of the review puts it, this is a system for making payments with your mobile phone. You need to download an app to use it (only iPhones are supported so far), and the retailer must also implement the necessary technology. When you walk into any store that accepts Mobile Pay, your phone will alert you of such a fact. And when you are going to pay for what you have purchased, you can simply proceed to tell the cashier that you are paying using your mobile.

The transaction will be carried to completion when you tap the “Pay Store” button that will be displayed on your screen, and input your pin along with amount that is due. A payment confirmation will be displayed both on your mobile and on the merchant’s terminal, notifying both of you that everything has worked out fine.

Besides, the app can analyze your surroundings and tell you about these retailers in your close vicinity that accept MobilePay. In that way, you won’t have to waste time asking retailers individually if you can pay using your mobile. In Their Own Words

“Your phone is now your wallet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

One day, systems like this one will replace credit and loyalty cards completely. Mobile Pay is paving the way leading there.

Some Questions About

Will everybody accept this enthusiastically?