Mobile user generated mobile messaging

Interesting mobile applicaton delivering rich user generated content..

Mobile user generated mobile messaging In Their Own Words

Kinemo is the leader in next generation mobile greetings. We provide the most comprehensive mobile content transformation platform with unique rich media personalization capabilities. Our solutions complement the service portfolio of major content providers, network operators, and other service providers.

We help our clients build new relationships with their mobile users by taking them to a new level of interaction using our revolutionary technology. We are pushing the envelope in personalization by enabling users to include more of their emotions when customizing their mobile phones or when communicating with their friends and family members.

Thanks to a unique patented technology, we finely animate every single letter of a name or a message in a way that can express a wide variety of emotions. It is the Kinetic Emotion conveyed by this type of animation that is at the origin of our name, Kinemo.

Established since 2005, Kinemo is privately funded by its founders and selected industry veterans. We currently operate in North America as well as several major European countries. Kinemo has assembled a strong founding executive team with experience in publicly traded high-tech companies as well as in entrepreneurial technology start-ups and the wireless ecosystem.

Why Mobile user generated mobile messaging It Might Be A Killer

Mobile and wireless plus web 2.0……