– Keep Your Mobile Data Secure

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Have you ever lost your cell phone and had to send out mass emails to get everyone’s number again? Well if you use the Mobical platform you will not have to worry about loosing your contact information. Mobical.

net offers a synchronization platform where users can backup/restore their cell information. Users can secure their PIM data so they can easily transfer it to other mobile devices. also features a Central Address Book function which is a database where users can share contact information and calendar information between applications. is easy to use synchronize your mobile information and you can easily access it at You can edit, delete and add information as you please and transfer it to your mobile devices. Don’t loose your numbers again, keep your address book secure at In Their Own Words

“ is an application that let you backup Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Bookmarks, SMS over-the-air from mobile handset to server. This is done using the SyncML protocol for synchronization, which is a standard protocol in the Mobile industry supported by all major handset vendors. The Mobical platform uses the built in synchronization clients in the handset. These clients are set up with correct settings for synchronizing against the server. The process of setting up the clients is either done via automatic Over-The-Air settings sent out from or manually.

When the user starts synchronizing the data is transferred over the air to Once you have created the backup, you can view your data on the web portal from any browser. With our editing tools, you can quickly modify entries, adding new contacts, appointments, etc., or completing the information on your existing entries. The next time you connect your phone, information on all changes made are exchanged. In other words, your phone is updated with all changes made on the web, and vice versa. is also not limited to one device, you can use any amount of mobiles with the same account. If you have an empty phone, that you want to move your personal data to, just configure it correctly with your credentials. When you connect it to, it will be filled with your data

If you have many devices that you want to keep “in sync”, you can synchronize them in turn with Changes made to one device, such as a new meeting added, will propagate to all the devices you connect.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface with bright colors. The site is easy to navigate and has detailed information on the application’s functions and how it works. The Mobical application is very useful because it is common that mobile information needs to be transferred and it is useful to have it safe online where it can be accessed from anywhere.

Some Questions About could feature a facts and questions section for users to find solutions to common problems. could also feature a forum where users could discuss aspects of the application.