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Mobcaster.comA service that aims to give independent television a boost and improve the quality of the shows featured there, Mobcaster is where producers and the audience can connect and determine the fate of planned TV shows. On this website, ideas for shows can be pitched, and the audience will get to vote for them. The ones that get the most votes are also the ones that get the most funding, and whenever any show reaches its quota then it’s shot and broadcast on Mobcaster’s online TV channel.

All of the shows that are trying to get funded are highlighted on the homepage, and you can check them in a more ordered way in the link that’s named “Browse TV”. In all cases, you’re told about how much money is still needed for any show to get funded, and how many days there is still to go until the project is closed.

The site is free to join and use both if you are an independent producer, and someone who loves TV. You can sign up for an account here, and if you want to get started even faster then simply supply your Facebook handle and password when prompted. In Their Own Words

The only way to fund & watch independent TV.

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What kind of integration is provided with video services like YouTube and Vimeo?