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MobBase.comIf you are in a band and you are looking into ways of engaging your fans, MobBase is a service you might as well take into consideration. Basically, it will enable you to come up with an iPhone app of your own to promote your music and merchandising.


Using such an app it is possible to upload tracks for your fans to listen to as well as putting together photo albums and videos from your YouTube channel. Obviously, you will also be capable to promote your upcoming gigs and shows. And as it was only to be expected, you will be able to tweet and blog as a further way to interact with your followers.

Creating an account is inexpensive, and in case you need some example to make up your mind the site has many real apps that you can preview online and also buy at the AppStore. But I think the advantages of such a tool will be discernible by every person who has even a vague understanding of modern gadgets and the way they boost up connectivity. In Their Own Words

“Stay connected to your fans with a MobBase iPhone App. Build, manage, and update your custom iPhone App in no time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

No musician is unaware of the impact an iPhone app can have on his public. This site will let anybody capitalize on that knowledge.

Some Questions About

Is an API provided?

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