– Crowdsourcing Mobile App Testing

Mob4Hire takes crowdsourcing to the testing stage. The premise: Mobile app developers need users to test drive their applications, to make sure everything works as it should, for feedback, etc. Thus Mob4Hire allows tech enthusiasts to bid for test projects and get paid for testing. Developers on the other hand are able to leverage eager crowds who can test their products for less. Testers who apply before the end of August of this year could win $1000. The fees are as follows: developers are to pay Mob4Hire 10% if no handsets are added to the registered tester base, 9% if five handsets are registered, and6% if 200 or more handsets are registered. Testers will be paid via paypal; they are not charged for registering via the site. Payment is held in escrow upon completion of testing.

For a good idea visually what Mob4hire does, go to In Their Own Words

“We are reducing the pain of mobile application developers to test their applications.

It is crowdsourced mobile application testing.

We are now in Beta!

Testers are now able to bid on testing projects.

The testers will use their own handsets and get paid for it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This crowdsourcing approach gives developers more latitude; they choose who works best for them and at what price. With so many models of mobile phones out there, it’s difficult for developers to create a cross platform app that works. They need a wide range of testers. Mob4Hire hooks up incentivized testers with developers, who are more likely to get better feedback.

Mobile application developers have 4 major problems when it comes to testing.

1. Getting handsets can be very difficult.

2. Subscriptions for carriers can be be very expensive.

3. Developers have to send teams internationally to test applications in other countries.

4. Internal developers for application companies are not good testers re things like GUI and if the application makes sense.

Mobile application developers also in many cases may have a number of handsets where they can be testers for other application developers during development down cycles.

Focus group testing is another area that is very difficult for mobile application developers that can be solved by Mob4hire.

Mob4hire believes there are over 12,000 individual handsets worldwide, about 700 carriers, and around 100,000 mobile developers.

Some Questions About

How will this be marketed? Will this attract the kind of tester mobile developers are looking for?