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Moably.comIf your site or blog has no mobile equivalent, then you are not really conveying the most professional of images. And if you reckon as much but are prevented from having a mobile site or blog because your technical knowledge is just too underdeveloped, then you should make a point of checking Moably. Moably is a mobile website builder that will let you have an app generated in just five simple steps. At no point of the process will you have to do anything even slightly technical.

And at no point of the process will you be asked to pay anything, either. Moably is a free tool – you will have to create mobile sites (and blogs) with an unlimited number of pages, and the one taking care of the hosting is going to be Moably itself.

Moably sites come with features like rich image galleries, and click-to-call buttons can be added to any site that is created too.

And something as important as customizing your meta titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions so that the site is SEO-friendly has been taken into account. Again – such a thing can be done absolutely for free. In Their Own Words

Create a free mobile website in minutes.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let webmasters make their sites go truly mobile at no cost. And bloggers are equally supported.

Some Questions About

Are premium services offered to those who are willing to pay for them?