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Mmmmail.comTired of opening your email inbox only to find it brimming with spam time and again? Well, you’re not alone in that. Just look at all the web tools and services that are available for fighting spam. And the steady rate at which these keep on increasing simply highlights that people are never satisfied, probably because spammers get cleverer by the day and keep on discovering how to fool all the services released to put an end to their rampant ways. Well, this new one might not be beaten that easily.

Mmmmail lets you have a disposable email address (like other services such as Mailnesia let you do), but the novel bit lies in how the messages that are sent there can be read. Basically, Mmmmail is an email to RSS service. All the messages that land on an Mmmmail inbox can be read as you would read the headlines of all your favorite sites when using Google Reader, or any other RSS reader. And emails can also be read as plain HTML pages for those who want to take a more traditional approach.

Mmmmail is a free service. You can sign up for one (or as many) of these addresses as you want, and retrieve the messages sent to them as you would access any old RSS feed. In Their Own Words

Mmmmail! is a completely ANONYMOUS and FREE disposable email to RSS service.

Some Questions About

Will this service always remain available for free? Or are some paid features meant to be added later?