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MKMap.comMap making sites seem to be the next ‘in’ thing. They’re cropping up everywhere under the fantastic, but perhaps not so outlandish proposition that making maps is fun.


MKmap has placed its bets on that very assumption. The site allows users to make private and public maps of their cities, their countries, their trip routes, their companies, really just about anything that can be mapped. Map makers can even buddy up, collaborating on maps and sharing them with family, friends or everyone. For the not so cartographically inclined, MKmap has got a rather lovely selection of maps as well as reviews, pictures, and videos of mapped interest points. You can browse touristic sites, check out a city’s top resto-bars, or simply explore bus routes. MKmap is absolutely free to use. In Their Own Words

• Explore the different maps and discover their points of interest and public transport network
• Create your own interactive thematic, personal or public map
• Share your map with your friends, colleagues or with the rest of the world
• Collaborate with others to add routes, points of interest, reviews, pictures and videos”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MKmap has created a relatively easy to handle collaborative map making service. It’s not complicated, which means even non-geeks can use it. It’s also got pictures and videos which add to the appeal of the site.

Some Questions About

How does MKmap plan to compete with other more robust map sites? Will it expand its features?

Author : Siri Marshall

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