Mixlr.com – The Evolution Of Audio Broadcasting

Mixlr.comMixlr is a service for the instant broadcasting of audio. Any person who signs up for an account can stream his own audio in CD quality over the Internet, and since Mixlr is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter he will be able to gauge the reception that his media is having. Listeners will be able to comment on what is being broadcast extensively, and also take part of chats in which the finer points of what has been transmitted can be discussed.

Obviously, musicians are the ones who will maximize such a service, but I can envision individuals such as journalists, conference organizers and public speakers putting it to very good uses too.

Four different plans are available, and you can realize the scope each one has by merely looking at its name: Bedroom DJ, Musician, Radio and Enterprise. In any case, all plans come with a 15-day free trial for you to get acquainted with the way in which everything works, and realize if you have indeed picked the one that suits your actual requirements.

Mixlr.com In Their Own Words

Audio broadcasting redefined.

Why Mixlr.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives musicians yet another effective channel for being discovered.

Some Questions About Mixlr.com

Can you customize your very own plan if you want to? Mixlr.com