Mixels.com – Social Networking For Small Children

Mixels.comIt is agreed that Facebook is going to become the center of the Internet in the foreseeable future. This places those who have small children in an uncomfortable position. They know that the sooner their kids begin grasping the core concepts of social networking then the better-prepared they are going to be when they grow up. Yet, they can never avoid thinking about the endless amount of hazards and threats that a social networking site poses.

But that is what sites such as Mixels are here from: to let the little ones begin experiencing the Social Web in a safe and secure way. Mixels is a site that can be joined only by children, and all the bonds that are formed (and their consequent interactions) are monitored by adults.

All the children that interact through this site do so through characters. Thus, one of the major worries that parents have when it comes to social sites (that their children would become findable by just anybody on the Internet) is dealt with forthright. And the site also offers a full set of guidelines that can be printed by parents and teachers, and handed out to the children in order to begin teaching them responsible behavior.

Mixels.com In Their Own Words

“Where kids mix together in a safe, secure world.”

Why Mixels.com It Might Be A Killer

Parents can but appreciate such a site – it will let their children begin experiencing the Social Web in a safe setting.

Some Questions About Mixels.com

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