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Mixel.ccMixel is a new iPad app that might as well end up creating a whole new art form. It lets you put together collages with images from your HD, your own Facebook account and from Bing searches. You can mix images in all the ways you want, you can crop them and resize them, you can rotate them and chop them in half. And when you’re finished, your collage will go live for everybody else to see it. And (this is the interesting bit), to keep on remixing it. That’s what tells this app apart: how much it democratizes the creation and adaptation of artistic works. Its builders obviously believe that there’s an artist in everybody, and that everybody’s contribution is as valid as any other person’s. Clearly, its tagline is not “Please touch the art!” for nothing.


Anything that’s shared using Mixel can be viewed by others in a way not that different from how images are shared on a service like Instagram. Collages can be browsed from within the app, you can follow your friends and (once you’ve been using the app for a while) your favorite artists, and all the most popular collages can be viewed together.

Mixel is available for free at the App Store. It’s been developed by Lascaux Co., a team founded by a former New York Times digital design editor (Khoi Vin) and a MIT computer science graduate (Scott Ostler). In Their Own Words

Please touch the art.

Mixel lets you make, share and remix collages in a whole new way.

Some Questions About

What if you don’t want just anybody to remix your art? Is there a way to lock what you’ve created, at least in part?

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