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You’re Not In Charge Of The Oscars (Thank God). Your Events Can Dazzle Effortlessly

If you’ve ever been to a house concert, then you’ve probably been to a bunch because you know that they are amazing events – unique spaces, intimate gatherings, opportunities to really know performers. Chances are good that you’ve also gone home buzzing afterward, wondering “How could I organize a small concert series?”



Doing so now is much simpler than you might imagine… with the right help.


Mïtingu is software for creating events in minutes and for managing delegates with ease. With the Mïtingu (Japanese for meeting) cloud-based registration and engagement platform, event planners can put together event pages quickly – tell the world what your event is about and begin promoting it in no time.



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Having a web page increases visibility for your event and also allows you to share both news and updates by using social media, boosting attendance. The software works regardless if you’re organizing a family reunion, business conference, craft workshop or other gatherings.


Mïtingu lets people register to attend events or buy tickets online. Intelligent forms make  filling out information a painless process and give event creators the opportunity to collect whatever information they need. Custom registration forms give events a distinct appearance, while the ability to reuse the essentials saves time when creating similar events in the future.


No matter if you’re selling tickets to a weekend festival, pub quiz night or charity auction,  Mïtingu let’s you manage different ticket packages and pricing options. You can even target segmented groups to offer things such as discounts or VIP perks.


In addition to giving your event attractive branding, Mïtingu makes it possible to include maps, optimize pages for mobile devices, automatically calculate tax and process payments seamlessly. To the delegate, you look like a smooth and efficient event hosting rockstar.


Once you have people signing up, Mïtingu equips you with powerful tools for interacting with delegates. You can communicate directly through email at any time before, during or after events. (Sending reminders is an easy way to get more people to show up!). Send out invitations, manage your guest list, and respond to RSVPs or concerns accordingly, either on your own or by collaborating with team members.



Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.



What’s more, building a detailed contact list helps to provide the best event experience possible for each guest – making them more likely to come back when you have other events.


Mïtingu offers white-label solutions to fit the needs and size of different organizations and businesses. If you need to assemble a one-time show or host several occasions, Mïtingu has pay-as-you go packages. Analytic tools and a dashboard allow planners to measure their performance, so that they can make adjustments and engage the audience even more effectively.


Ready to dazzle your high school by organizing the class reunion? Throw a killer office party? Assemble the training event that everyone in your field will be talking about? Learn more about how to make your event the place to be at


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Author : Keith Liles

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