Mission Control for Your Money

Managing money was so much simpler when all we had was a piggy bank.


But as adulthood creeps in, so do bills, savings, and other grown-folk responsibilities.  The constant influx and outpouring of funds can be too much for many of us to handle, especially when trying to reach specific short and long-term financial goals.


While certain personal finance apps have arisen in recent years in attempts to provide guidance, they come up short as a whole due largely to a lack of automation.  And as for banks? Forget about it – they offer very little in terms of financial management assistance to the average customer, be it via technology or otherwise.


Enough being held back – it’s time to shoot for the stars with Astra, your new go-to personal finance app.  Astra utilizes customizable rules-based actions to truly automate the movement of your money in order to optimally meet savings and/or debt payment goals.


It’s that ability to automate better than the majority of competing solutions out there that sets Astra apart.  Simply connect your bank accounts, input your savings goals, create the rules to fund them – and sit back & let the app go to work.


What’s more, any US bank account (or your Astra account itself) can be used as the source or destination of a transfer.  You’ll also receive automatic notifications about when transfers are coming up to help stay on top of things – whether it’s for an upcoming bill payment or that big trip you’ve been saving for.


Other tangible benefits & features Astra provides include:

  • All transfers are free
  • Create as many savings goals as you like, and change rules for them at any time
  • Track the progress of each goal as you go
  • Accounts categorized by checking, savings, credit, etc. for easy management
  • Review your timeline to see your money’s movement, and where it’s scheduled to go
  • Save money in your Astra Wallet, and withdraw funds from it at any time


Founder Gil Akos originally conceptualized the app back in 2016 and has been hard at work on development since.  It’s now available for iOS devices and building a loyal user base already.

Stop by the Apple App Store and download Astra to see for yourself.  You can also get more information by visiting them on the web at astra.finance.