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MissingPatient.comA site that provides an invaluable service to any community, Missing Patient aims to help caregivers and the police force by way of a system which alerts them when individuals with dementia and related conditions wander away.


By signing up, police and emergency hospitals are provided with ready access to your loved one’s information.

This information (which you submit personally, including their age and a photograph) is kept as private – only the police and emergency hospitals will be able to access it. In the event your loved ones wander or are found without identification, correlating the information and contacting you becomes a smooth process.

As I said at the beginning, a system like this one is invaluable for the mere fact that no one can be watched every second of the day. And the faster the family, police and hospitals are alerted that something has gone wrong then the better for everybody.

Statistically speaking, about sixty percent of those with dementia wander away at some point or the other during their lives. Unfortunately, fifty percent of those who wander and who are not located within 24 hours are deceased. This service stands as a worthwhile solution for minimizing such a risk. In Their Own Words

“Missing Alzheimer’s Dementia Wander Alert For Silver Alert.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The approach is excellent, and anything which can save lives is commendable and deserves to do well.

Some Questions About

In which countries is such a system available? How could something like this become standardized?

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