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Many users stop by Misotrendy.com to find information about the city they are visiting, like city history information and city places they can not miss. In addition, if you want to tell your friends where they are and recommend them some places, Miso Trendy might be worth a try.

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MisoTrendy.com In Their Own Words

“MisoTrendy helps you find the most popular places around any location. MisoTrendy uses trending data from foursquare and shows currently checked-in users, tips and mayorships from the most popular venues in real-time.”

Why MisoTrendy.com It Might Be A Killer

Having the ability to see the trending spots all over the world will be innately attractive for Foursquare users – they will know where all the action is taking place at once.

Some Questions About MisoTrendy.com

What will happen to this when the Foursquare iPhone app is finally tweaked and the 1-mile radius becomes a thing of the past? MisoTrendy.com