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MinorMonitor.comFacebook and parents have some trouble getting along, and that is entirely understandable. Facebook is a universe of its very own – it is a context where people who are known to be responsible and diligent in the real world can have attitudes that are just out of every protocol. And that is not even mentioning the kind of individuals that have something truly mean in mind from the very beginning. Who would feel comfortable with his/her minor child interacting with people there? And no parent could possibly keep a watch on what his children are doing there at all times. That seems to be the main problem. And it is a problem that this new web service aims to solve as best as it can.

Aptly-titled Minor Monitor, it empowers parents to analyze all the interactions their children have on Faeebook. These are presented via an interface that minimizes the time that would be spent looking for that very information on Facebook itself. Parents will be able to identify over-age friends, contacts with a low number of mutual friends and also offensive language and outright sexual references.

Accounts can be created for free, and the tracking process will start once the parent has linked the Facebook account of his child to his Minor Monitor account. In Their Own Words

Protect your children on Facebook.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as ways of protecting children on Facebook are concerned, this is really practical and flexible. Parents will have an excellent overview of what their children have been doing, and have all the most important interactions highlighted for them.

Some Questions About

What limitations has this got? How can these be overcome?

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