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MiniStatus.comBuying a domain should not be that difficult if we take into account the number of tools for measuring them that we have currently available. While these are not utterly faultless, taken as a whole they do paint a picture that is reliable.

The one and only aspect that is always inaccurate is the value. But when it comes to learning the exact number of indexed pages, the incoming links that a site has and how popular the website is in social circles these services are uniformly good. And this new one keeps up to these standards.

Named MiniStatus, it will let you specify any site that you are keen on and have it analyzed on the spot. You can also have your own site analyzed, of course, and see the way that others will perceive it. A novel touch is that you will be capable of downloading the results as a PDF for offline consultation, and also for sharing them with others all over the social web.

The site also includes two categories named “Popular Listings” and “Top Listings”. These will let you see which domains are making waves recently in case you want to discover potential new investments. And in case you are feeling lucky, you can check out the “Random listings” section. In Their Own Words

“Gather SEO and SMO responses.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast way to figure out the basic facts about any site on the WWW.

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What gives this an edge over related sites that do something mostly similar?