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MinimumNoise.comIn general terms, Minimum Noise can be defined as a platform whereby musicians can collaborate with each others over the World Wide Web. Each person can post what is termed a “Project”, and then have other members of the Minimum Noise community make a contribution until it is finally carried out to completion.


This way, both parties are satisfied – the ones who have the skill and the time to participate in a project can earn money for doing so (not to mention gaining further exposure), whereas those who can’t seem to put the finishing touches on any project of theirs have access to a worldwide community of talent.

As it was to be expected, the opening screen highlights the most recent projects, and you can always realize how things are taking shape just by looking at it. In every case, the amount of the prize is clearly stipulated, so that everybody can understand how much will their contribution be worth.

As you can see, the basic premise is simple yet quite effective. If you fall into any of the categories that were mentioned above, a visit to this site will definitely be a good idea. In Their Own Words

“Minimum Noise is a service that enables musicians to help each other create great music. Need help perfecting your newest hit? Have customised beats, vocals or accompaniments made to match your specifications. Got production talent? Make money by creating musical parts for other musicians.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Musicians everywhere are bound to relish having such a versatile platform for collaborating online.

Some Questions About

What about copyright? What steps can be taken to avoid complications?

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