mimoTREE Just Made The Hiring Process Much Better For Everyone

If finding the perfect employee or landing the dream job were only about matching needs with skill sets, we could plug data into an algorithm and consider both recruitment and job search solved. Of course, it doesn’t work this way.


We could spend a lot of time discussing how unsatisfying the process is from both sides of the desk, but let’s skip right to a statistic that should encourage everyone: mimoTREE is proven to reduce the cost of hire by as much as 50%-75%.


And it saves time for all involved.




mimoTREE is an online talent sourcing platform that uses industry member recommendations to put the right people on top of the resume pile. Employers spare themselves the expense of headhunters or executive search firms, the frustrations of sifting through the endless resumes of unqualified and irrelevant candidates – instead gaining direct access to credible, highly qualified people.


Employers, can post jobs and view resumes, source global talent, and vet candidates on mimoTREE that are already backed by member referrals, all free of charge.


It’s no secret that everyone covets referrals. The trouble is that there hasn’t been a good system for eliciting them on a regular basis or for sourcing them conveniently. mimoTREE disrupts the status quo by rewarding members for their referrals.


Employers pay a service fee when they successfully hire a candidate using mimoTREE, which mimoTREE splits 50/50 with member(s) responsible for the referral. Even if the candidate lands an interview but isn’t hired, members receive some payment from mimoTREE.


The formula is winning for everyone involved. Job candidates improve their chances of finding great jobs by having their application fast-tracked by people that know them, helping them to get noticed faster than even the best resume or cover letter ever could.


Members are rewarded for their successful referrals (which also gives everyone the missing incentive to actively give referrals). Employers drastically reduce the time spent sourcing and screening prospects.


Andy Tan, Founder of mimoTREE says, “We started mimoTREE to advocate a sharing culture where members are rewarded for their contribution. As technology advances and humans are replaced, we hope to help those in need generate income by referring friends to our employers, and at the same time, they may be able to find suitable jobs and get their friends to recommend them.”


So far, mimoTREE has a presence in the U.S., Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. For companies looking to expand overseas and employees willing to move, mimoTREE is the ideal tool for international introductions. The startups offers translation services to provide additional support for such opportunities.


Become part of the mimoTREE global community at mimoTREE.com.


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