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Do you want to play an educational game online? Are you looking for a free online video games? If that is the case, it seems like might interest you. This website offers a free online video game where you can visit the city of Millsberry and become a local citizen.

This online video game lets you design and build your own home, create farms and work in the city. What is more, this game gives you the chance to go shopping and lay wit online friends in digital playgrounds. Do you want to play a free life-simulation video game? Then, you can visit this site and register as a member for free.

As a conclusion, if you want to play a free life-simulation video game you can try and visit to build a city, design houses and make new online friends. Remember to stop by if you want to play an online educational video game.


UPDATE (March 2014): has since been shut down. Please note thatĀ KillerStartups is not affiliated with Millsberry or General Mills (the creator of the game) in any way. We have no control over whether or not the game is brought back. There are, however, a variety of online petitions requesting that General Mills bring back the game, (like this one). You can also contact General Mills directly via their website at