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MillionTweetPixels.comPeople who use Twitter for promotional duties might like to stop by this site. Million Tweet Pixels lets anybody buy his own space on a grid that can then be viewed and accessed by just every person who comes across the site.

Both a normal and a premium version of this service are available. The normal version will let you buy a 24px x 24px space, whereas those who go for the premium version of Million Tweet Pixels will be buying a 48px x 48px picture. Also, such a picture will be displayed on the center of the grid that can be found on the main page, so the chances of people noticing it and actually clicking through are much higher.

And if you have more than one Twitter account, then you will be pleased to know that you can buy one individual space for each. Simply sign in using the relevant credentials, and you will be able to buy a space of its own for that separate account. In Their Own Words

Milliontweetpixels help you to promote your personal or professional Twitter page.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking for further ways to promote their Twitter accounts will give it a look at the very least.

Some Questions About

Exactly how being listed on this site ensures that you will be more findable? I mean, what assurances have you got that influential people will check this site regularly?