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MillionDollarDig.comMillionDollarDig is a patent pending concept that adds an essential missing ingredient to enhance model made famous by other sites – sustained website traffic. It provides real value to engage site visitors in repeat visits.

Using a combination of news popularity site with advertisers’ traffic pages, the site brings repeat visitors to send traffic to advertisers’ traffic pages. Million$Dig allows anyone to purchase a word based traffic page for a $100 lifetime subscription. Because the pages are fully customizable, they are appropriate for a wide variety of uses, e.g. business, blog, and affiliate program. You can place your ads and keep revenue. Each page is absolutely unique and free of any colors, logos or menus identifying it with Million$Dig. Once a page is sold, the word or name identifying that page is gone forever. In Their Own Words

“Using a novel concept based on teaser pages, Million$Dig drives traffic to advertisers’ traffic pages from the homepage of Million$Dig.
On Million$Dig, one site subscriber will claim one million dollars. In addition to the million dollar grand prize, each month three subscribers will claim 10% monthly profit. Non-subscribers will also win small prizes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

No website before has offered fully customized traffic pages for 20 years for a $100 subscription fee. It provides tremendous value to advertisers. Advertisers fully control when and what links to their traffic pages are displayed on the homepage of Million$Dig. Advertisers control their traffic pages and keep all revenue, including advertisement revenue, generated from their traffic pages. Advertisers can sale their traffic pages anytime without paying anything to Million$Dig.

Some Questions About

Do people pay for this service? Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going?