– The Mobile Learning Kit is an interesting name for a site that is not precisely about Milk. In fact, this site has all the information you might need about an effective Mobile Learning Kit that was developed to give students and teachers the opportunity to teach and learn not only in the classroom but into the other environments students inhabit both now and in the future.

On this site you will get the data needed in order to decide if you can get the advantages of a solution that helps teachers to design their students’ daily learning activities in an interesting way. How? Simply by using their mobile phones and the internet.

This will be an appealing tool for those who want to give their students the chance to make learning trips, being able to engage group discussions. In addition to this, the site gives you the chance to answer questionnaires about a wide variety of matters. You can give your students the chance to create their own learning profiles and discussion topics so they can share ideas and photos, in order to learn in an interactive way.

Among the many beneficial features of this service you will find a simple, flexible, scalable and adaptive solution that helps you to expand your students learning experiences locally, globally, and virtually. In Their Own Words

“MiLK is a new way for you to connect students, curriculum and everyday environments using simple web and mobile technologies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is going to be an interesting way to spread learning to many places besides the classroom. It might help changing education as we know it.

Some Questions About

How popular this solution is until now? What the professors and student reception has been so far?