Milapy – ALL The Location-based Information You Need

Whether it’s the place you live or a travel destination, there’s a lot of information that’s needed to navigate any location. Events, news, restaurant deals, where to buy this and that…


It’s no surprise that providing geo-specific information is the aim of a growing number of apps. We want all kinds of real-time information about any given place, the latest weather reports, entertainment opportunities… but here’s the glitch.


Does anyone want to use 15 apps to have the information they need?


You know the answer, well, part of the answer to this question. The missing piece is called Milapy.


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Milapy is web-based service that gives you all the geospatial information you require about a location of interest, in real-time.


Think about it. What good is discovering an awesome event to attend if you dash out of the house only to learn about monstrous construction delays on the highway – after you’re stuck in the traffic.


Milapy helps you avoid such inconveniences by acting as a single resource for several kinds of information. Just allow Milapy to know your location or type in the place you want to learn more about, and you’re in.


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On Milapy, you’ll find late breaking news stories, which you can easily search by several categories (crime, business, sports, politics, etc.). Likewise, Milapy is your key to local deals for activities, restaurants, retail, services and more.


Before you decide to venture to an outdoor blues festival, you have the weather forecast a click away instead of needing to open another window or application. Basically, Milapy makes it easier to make quick decisions because it’s a more complete source of geospatial information.


Everything is related to location. What do I mean by that? Well, most of the time, our desire for details is tied into the places most relevant to us. Maybe you’re a fitness junkie and really want to research the best gym facilities around the country. Chances are high, however, that you’re most interested in learning where you can work out near your house or where your upcoming travels will take you. That’s why Milapy makes sense: it’s location-oriented.


What’s more, Milapy has the distinction of providing BOTH topic specific information and information across different areas of interest. This makes Milapy a handier, more comprehensive tool for keeping up on all that’s going on around you.


Begin to truly know where you are and what’s happening nearby at


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