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Micromobs.comMicromobs is a messaging platform for groups. The premise of the site is letting individuals who are bound by a common interest or objective communicate among themselves in a private and safe setting, and one that is free from clutter of any kind at that.


Groups go by the name of “Mobs”, and users have an individual stream where they can see ongoing discussions and contribute in the way they deem best – by venturing an opinion, by vetoing and idea, by uploading media to get a point across…

These Mobs can be created (and joined) at absolutely no cost, and they can be applied to mostly anything you could imagine. Arranging a group vacation, holding debates about any pet topic of yours, coordinating an informal meeting… it is all allowed. Of course, a platform like Micromobs also lends itself to business uses, and for the enhancement of educational experiences. And if all that you want is a platform for staying in touch with your family as it becomes scattered, this messaging application fits the bill as well. In Their Own Words

“Micromobs is a group messaging service and is the easiest way to manage and communicate with multiple groups. micromobs presents your group messages as a stream of content which means you can chose which messages to respond to and which messages to skim over or ignore. This means your group messages will no longer clutter your inbox, and you wont need to go to different websites to interact with your various social groups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a messaging platform that places all the emphasis on privacy and immediacy.

Some Questions About

How many people can make up mob?

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