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Micoach.comDo you need a coach to improve your physical fitness? was created by Adidas to help you with your physical training.


That is why the site gives you the chance to download training programs you can use every day.

There is a program that works as an online personal trainer you can download from the website to your Mp3 player. If you are looking for free training programs with workouts that include strength training and speed training, as well as Pilates, and weight loss programs, you will find very useful.

Being able to download training programs you can use every day is good for those who want to save money and time, and gives you a an online personal trainer that will help you to accomplish your strength training and speed training goals. In case you want to be in good shape you just need to start using, the new personal training from Adidas In Their Own Words

“There are plenty of devices that collect running data. miCoach is the only system that turns that data into a personal training plan based on your fitness level and goals. miCoach is designed to help all types of runners, from beginners to veterans, perform at their highest level, stay motivated and achieve their goals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Personal trainers are how the rich and famous keep in shape and miCoach could be thought of as the personal trainer for everyone else. Having your running workouts planned for you and being able to add music to the mix, is an attractive solution.

Some Questions About

Without having actually tried the product it is difficult to draw too many conclusions but will miCoach be able to motivate people to get out and start running or is a more personal touch the only thing that will work?

Author : Caroline Bright

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