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Metricious.comWhat good are metrics if you can’t really understand a thing they mean? What good is having access to lots and lots of different stats highlighting the evolution of your startup when you just don’t know what to make of them? The ones who have come up with this new service certainly knew how pointless it is to give people access to statistical data that they can figure out by themselves. Thus, they have created a service that is two-fold.


On the one hand, Metricious can provide its users (entrepreneurs and businessmen) with detailed graphs highlighting the progress of their companies. On the other hand, Metricious lets them make sense of all that data by having it discussed with other site users.

The goal of Metricious is letting people who are new to it all become paired with those who have that more business experience under their belts, and who could help them interpret the indicators that matter not only faster but also more accurately.

And this is achieved very easily, too, as users can create a “Board Of Advisors” with all the people that they turn out to trust more, and get their insight and guidance only.

Metricious is available for free. A simple registration process gives you access to all the services that were mentioned above and more, like a collection of add-ons for making even better sense of all your data. In Their Own Words

Do more, faster. Take your startup to a whole new level with metrics and advisors.

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