KillerStartups – Online Music Player is a site that allows you to upload your music library, up to 1GB at a time.

MeTracks is currently in Beta and is offering its service for free currently in exchange for feedback about what parts of teh service that they can improve. The site is as easy as 1,2,3, sign up, upload your music, and play it in your online web browser. This means you can have 1 GB at a time of your music, absolutely free on whatever computer you happen to be working on. So if you are stuck at work without your Coldplay collection and you need to hear something soothing to calm yourself down after speaking to your persistently over demanding boss, just log on to your from your computer and jam away. In Their Own Words

“meTracks is an innovative web based audio player allowing you to listen to your music on demand”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MeTracks can obviously be a useful tool for anyone that doesn’t want to be without their music at whatever computer they happen to be using. With the whopping price tag of zero, it shouldn’t be too tough to sign up new users.

Some Questions About

The site is starting out as a free site to garner usership, but they are implying that they will begin to charge sooner or later. Will the site be able to get people hooked during the free sample stage so that they pay for the service when that day comes?

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