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MetoCube.comTo put it in simple words, MetoCube is a new solution that lets anybody document procedures in order to make for easy reference. That is, using this system you can explain the nuances of your organization and its MO to anybody and make it clear how it is that your company works.


In that sense, it could be said that MetoCube is something akin to a next-generation user manual that provides information in a different (and more suitable) light.

Furthermore, the site acts as a repository that will let you find different methodologies until you come across one that could fit your organization and apply it on the spot.

When it comes to the available plans, MetoCube can be used under two models: software license and software as a service. The former involves installing it in your corporate servers and letting users employ it as an application in your intranet, whereas the latter has all the functionalities we associate with web-hosted solutions.

It goes without saying that MetoCube can also be tried out for free, and you can do so as an anonymous user or by creating a personalized page. In any case, you will have a good understanding of the system and what it is like accessing and consulting information through it. In Their Own Words

“MetoCube is a 100% web procedure documentation system that allows users to easily access all information, tools and templates they need to carry out their work, and process engineers to describe processes in a rich uniform format that is easy to update.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an approach has the potential to modify the way user manuals are presented and accessed over the web.

Some Questions About

How much does this solution cost?

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