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MetaTuber.comIf for any reason you think that the current layout of YouTube could be improved, chances are this site will appeal to you. Basically, MetaTuber will let you browse the popular video hosting service using a different interface.


In addition to grouping results both by relevance and date of upload (as you can do using YouTube’s advanced search), you can see the videos that have the most significant view count and rating (but not the ones that are most discussed – that option is missing yet).

On the other hand, the most popular videos of the week can be easily grouped together, and the most popular videos in the history of YouTube can be visualized in a similar fashion.

Further discoveries can be come across by means of the “Random searches this week” category, as videos ranging far and wide are publicized therein.

On the other hand, if you still haven’t caught up with downloading videos from YouTube this site will provide you the wherewithal to do so, and save files as .FLV archives that can be opened with most media viewers. In Their Own Words

“Explore, discover, watch and download YouTube videos!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

YouTube adepts might find the different approach alluring.

Some Questions About

Is the site affiliated to YouTube?

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