– A Media Masher

MetaRadar.comMetaRadar is coming out with Radar, or more specifically Alpha One, a media masher. Radar is a bridge that connects websites, desktop applications and mobile devices.

For the first time you can access everything from photos, to videos to the web. Imagine you can send links to your friends leading to your favorite sites without ever leaving the application. With the media masher you have access to your social networks, blogs, photos, videos, a navigation wheel and of coarse search the web. Everything you could possible to on your desktop you can access all at once from your computer or your mobile device. MetaRadar´s Alpha One makes products that make accessing media easier. Visit to learn more. In Their Own Words

“MetaRadar, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay area company currently developing RADAR: a remarkable new software platform that bridges the gap between desktop and mobile devices, as well as conventional broadcasting and social networking communities – all while delivering a fresh new user experience unlike anything else.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It would be very convenient to be able to access all of your media and social networks from one source. You can access your media from mobile devices and different computers as well. All of your media is at your finger tips with the Alpha One.

Some Questions About

There are all of these new features that are coming soon, but when will they be available? Are there many mobile devices, are there any that don´t support the Radar application?