– Metal Music is geared towards a very specific audience.

The site targets metal music lovers. Posting for them all kind of news about metal bands, metal music, interviews to rockers, reviews about music and bands, future releases and much more concerning this area. The site also offers a search box for the users to search for bands news, offers to buy posters and cards, gives information about sponsored events, and has a constant update for the users to have the latest information. The user can also create an account to receive additional features of the site just by filling up an online form. The site also provides the user with a gallery full of band pictures and metal links. In Their Own Words

“Metal underground .com was masterminded in late 1999, planned and developed throughout 2000, and finally launched in March of 2001. The concept was inspired by my appreciation of the quality and upkeep of several of my favorite PC gaming news sites I read daily while working for a gaming company after graduating from college. There existed an obvious void of quality updated sites in the metal community at that time, so I decided to create one.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site offers all the metal music lovers everything they want and expect to see about contemporary bands, and also has lots of information about not so well-known and famous bands, what attracts the truly fanatic audience.

Some Questions About

Will they target a broader audience? Despite being very complete in the metal music area, the site doesn’t have any other musical options. Will they include famous bands? There are only small bands that aren’t much recognized around the community, and this reduces the audience the page has.