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Metaconomy.comMetaconomy Pipeline is a new service aimed at managers of sales teams. Working entirely on the browser, it will let them keep a firm grasp on every opportunity that surfaces, and follow on it until an actual sale materializes. The way Metaconomy Pipeline works, email and SMS alerts can be delivered at all times, so that the relevant members of the team will be informed about the optimum moment that a sale can be carried to completion right as it happens.

And a great advantage of Metaconomy Pipeline is that (since it is a web-based service) managers can access the pipelines they have created from just anywhere – their home and office computers, their smartphones, even their iPads (the application has just become available, in fact).

In this way, managers can have a 360 degree view of their value chains – from vendor to customer, the whole process is covered. All the interconnections that there can be between different sales are exposed, and a much bigger sense of direction and purpose can be had in the end. In Their Own Words

A SaaS tool for more effective sales management.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give managers of sales teams an entirely transparent understanding of every opportunity that is about to come through.

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What else can be managed through this application?