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MeshMinds.comMesh is the trusted resource for creative business professionals. Its members traverse the arts and business worlds and are both consumers and producers of art.

The site provides an invite-only space in which members can share high quality contacts, showcase work, support one another and socialize online and offline. Their aim is to revolutionize the suited stereotype and to promote the brilliant creative talents that lie within the confines of the financial centers of the world. In Their Own Words

“Mesh is a trusted community and entry to the site is by invitation only. An existing member will have to give their personal stamp of approval to any new member they invite.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

No other social network aims to bring creative business professionals together to share ideas, collaborate and inspire one another. This network is about empowering its members to break away from that stereotype and fulfill creative passions away from the office.

Some Questions About

Why can people only sign up if they are invited by other user?