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Mentory.comMentorship is the key to success. Simply having a role figure won’t do.

You can admire a film star, a writer, an entrepreneur… But however close you look at what they have done and however you analyze time and again how they did it, you need the feedback and guidance that only another human being could ever provide you.

Maybe you are well aware about all that, and the one problem that you are facing is that you just don’t know where to look for someone who could act as your mentor. If that is what holds you back, then giving this site a visit could spell good news for you. Essentially, it is a spot where people looking for guidance can meet up with the right mentors, and start working with them.

Alternatively, if you have seen a lot of world already and you think you have a hand to lend you can sign up as a mentor and assist others through the site. Protégés will come to you, and it will be your task to guide them down the right path.

As a result, the site covers both sides – the ones who want to receive, and the ones who have something to give. Joining it comes at no cost – if you think there is something you can contribute, just pay it a visit. In Their Own Words

“Mentory is a mentorship tool with a learning relationship that benefits through conversations and guidance. Mentory facilitates your mentorship in order to achieve your goals. Become a mentor and experience the gift of giving and moving another human being.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who need assistance to make their goals materialize will just find that here. And those who can help others can sign up as mentors and lend a hand.

Some Questions About

Can mentors charge for their help if they wish to do so?