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Turning to Google to find out something you came to be curious about may be of help, but does not  guarantee the best results. This is because among the huge information that will be thrown at you, there will be good content and also bad content. Provided that you can take the time to order it, to see which link is useful and which one is not, may be tiresome and frustrating. So here enters the picture, as a community powered web tool that will organize the best information to learn about any given topic.

It’s a similar idea to the one created by Wikipedia, but it is not the same. At, users select the best sources to learn about something, and give them a logic order which they think is the best one. Maybe a video from is the best place to start to learn about the fandango dance or some not quite popular sport. But maybe after seeing a video, it is necessary to read some text about that topic, maybe on Wikipedia or maybe on some other website. And the next step in the ladder of learning about that theme, may be again another video. Users who are confident about some topic will guide you through the best resources on the world wide web, just as Wikipedia writers talk about what they know thoroughly.

Let’s look at a real example. Suppose you want to learn how to go fishing. The search box will give you a number of results. Each of them includes a whole set of sources displayed in the form of a playlist (different files with the corresponding icons along a timeline), like when listening to music files. Grooveshark users might understand this idea at once. In the case of fishing, if you select “Fishing Tips And Techniques” from the results lists, you will be taken here. As you will see, the first five steps in the process about learning are five different video tutorials. The sixth and seventh steps are articles from the a specialized website about fishing.

You will be thankful of users who created this step by step learning process and saved you the time that would have taken you to find all these material. And you can register to become part of the community and help others on their quests for information. In Their Own Words

Organizing the How-To’s of the web, so you don’t have to.

Why It Might Be A Killer

How do they define and how often do they create the different categories includes?